Megan’s April Favorites

Hey everyone, this is the first post of my new series about my current favorites. Basically, I’m just going to share things that I currently like. It will probably end up being a bunch of random thoughts, but maybe you’ll find something that you like too. So without further ado, here are my April favorites.


  1. – If you haven’t heard of Jane yet, you are missing out! Jane is similar to Zulily in that deals are only live for a set amount of time. I have gotten so many cute clothes from Jane recently. My favorite seller is the Tickled Teal. Thier clothes are so soft, and I love that the shirts are longer than usual. You can also like items and it will save them to your profile. I have found this just as addicting as Pinterest. These are some of my recent purchases.
  2. Tieks– These are probably my favorite shoes in the whole wide world. If you haven’t heard of Tieks these are leather ballet flats that are known for folding in half. You would think that a shoe that can fold in half would be uncomfortable, but you are so wrong. These are the most comfortable shoes I own. I wear these shoes 90% of the time in the fall/winter and about 50% of the time in the spring/summer mostly because I will wear flip-flops or sandals around the house. I can wear them all day without my feet aching. If I had known about these shoes when we got married, I so would have bought a pair for the wedding day. Now I tell all my friends who are getting married to at least try these shoes. They do have a break in period, so don’t expect them to feel like butter when you first try them on. I usually wear mine around the house for about a week while wearing socks (I know, super dorky), and after that, they are good to go. I currently have 4 pairs: Navy, Black, Camel, and Leopard. I currently wear my navy and leopard more than any other pairs, but I go in phases. I think my next pair will be red, but I am still trying to decide.
  3. Monat Hair Care– You should know that I am a skeptic by nature. It takes a lot to convince me that things really work and are worth the money. This is exactly how I felt about Monat before I tried it. I was looking for a new shampoo, and since my friend Alyssa sells Monat, I agreed to try a free sample. That free sample was AWESOME!!! You have to wash your hair twice. The first wash gets all the dirt and build-up out of your hair and you wan;t get much lather. The second wash will lather uncontrollably with a dime size amount (no kidding, a DIME!) and works to repair your hair. What sold me though was the conditioner. When you put it in your hair it feels like it isn’t working at all, but the moment you rinse it out, it’s like magic! All of the knots and tangles come out. My hair had been super soft and shiny since I switched. I use the volume shampoo, and it is making a difference in my hair. Just look at these pictures. In both pictures, all I did was blow dry my hair.Monat has also made a difference in my scalp health. I have psoriasis, and while Monat hasn’t cured it, my psoriasis has gotten better. Scott has even switched to the men’s shampoo and his scalp has gotten noticeably healthier. IF you are interested in trying Monat, join Alyssa’s Facebook Group. She can get you hooked up with a sample that is right for your hair type. If you do decide to start using Monat, if you sign up with my VIP number, I can earn free products. You can sign up on Monat’s website and if you use the VIP code 2698914 I’ll earn something free. (This was not sponsored by Monat. All opinions are my own)
  4. Instant Pot– Apparently, I had been living under a rock for the past few years, because I didn’t even know what an Instant pot was until last Thanksgiving. I got one for Christmas, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about it. This goes back to being a skeptic about things. I had a great relationship with my Crock Pot. I used it multiple times a week, and it always made an appearance at church potlucks. After a few failures and a temporary love-hate relationship, my instant pot has won me over. It has a permanent spot on the kitchen counter, and I don’t remember the last time I got out my crockpot. One of our favorites things to cook is BBQ pork chops. In less than 25 minutes frozen pork chops come out so tender. I’d love to know if you have any delicious instant pot recipes you’d be willing to share with me. I also have a Pinterest board of Instant pot meals that you might want to look at. I haven’t tried all of the recipes, so please don’t blame me if they don’t turn out.
  5. The Greatest Showman– Need I say more lol. I saw this movie three times in the theater, and I loved it more each time. I also downloaded the soundtrack and I have the movie. It’s one the best movies I have seen in a long time. Scott jokes that he has never heard the complete soundtrack because I am always singing 🙂


That’s all for this month. Have you tried/used any of these things. Do you have a favorite something that I need to try? I’d love to hear from you.

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